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Elevate sales and service by learning from your customer communications in real time. Lead Center delivers insights into active and recent conversations so agents and managers can classify, monitor, and analyze leads while they're still hot.

Shine a light on areas for improvement

Get an eagle's eye view of team activity or dig deeper into individual calls, texts, and chats with Lead Center and Call Tracking reporting. Quickly identify ways to close more deals, book more meetings, and put more smiles on customers' faces.

Analyze your communications

Some businesses rely on call recordings or transcripts to keep up with how well sales and support teams are serving customers. Call monitoring lets you do this live.

If you see or hear an opportunity to help an agent, you can offer advice when and where it’s needed. You could join the call or use whisper monitoring to discreetly deliver tips. Lead Center also lets you monitor (and participate in) text threads and live chats, in addition to calls.

Your Analyze dashboard comes loaded with several reports you can use or build on. In addition to agent call and team performance reports, you can pull lead attribution reports that reveal the sources behind your business’ calls.

Not at all! You can customize out-of-the-box reports by applying different filters. That way, you can easily drill down to the data you need.

TL; DR: A whole lot.

Lead Center’s customizable dashboard provides a high-level snapshot of all your inbound and outbound interactions. These reports can also be used as a springboard to dive deeper into each call, text, chat, or form submission.

Reports offer real-time visibility into how your team interacts with customers so you quickly identify opportunities for improvement, leading to more closed deals, appointments booked and performance issues mitigated.

Being able to see all of our lead and customer interactions in a single interface with CallRail’s Lead Center is a big benefit.

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