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Call Tracking not only improves lead quality, it transforms lead communication.

Call recording automatically backs up your conversations. Call notifications alert you when your highest-value leads reach out. And outbound Call Tracking makes it easy to track and return missed calls, right from your dashboard.

You can even send, receive, and track CallRail. Even SMS. SRSLY.

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The more you know, the more you’ll grow. So when you’re ready to dive deeper, CallRail makes it easy.

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When you send and receive calls and text messages from Call Tracking, you can:

  • Track calls and texts back to their sources (like ads, keywords, campaigns), so you know how your marketing programs are performing.
  • Keep personal phone numbers private and secure.
  • Still use your smartphone for calls and texts.

You can replace your business phone system with CallRail by adding Lead Center to Call Tracking. Lead Center does everything a business phone system does, like making, taking, and transferring calls. But you can also use it to:

  • View all your calls, texts, and form submissions in a single inbox
  • Respond to missed calls and messages in one click
  • Set up queues and automatically route calls to teams
  • Use Lead Center in the office or on the go

The short answer is “yes.”

Recording phone calls between two individuals or between a company representative and an individual can be covered by S18 U.S.C. 2511 (2)(d), which is known as the “one-party consent” law.

This law requires that at least one of the participants in the conversation be aware that the call is being recorded, which is an easy requirement to meet if you are recording your own conversations.

Learn more about the legality of call recording as well as individual state laws.

Call Tracking lets you set up customizable real-time alerts for high-value leads. You can choose between email, browser, or push notifications that let you know exactly who called and how they found you.

For more robust lead management, add Lead Center. Its single inbox for all your calls, texts, and chats puts you one click away from missed calls and messages.

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