Conversation Intelligence

Learn from your leads

Conversation Intelligence transcribes your calls, then uses AI to analyze them. The insights it offers can help you improve service, train staff, and save money. Try it free.

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Reveal real insight with artificial intelligence

There’s a lot you can learn from your team’s calls. But for people, scanning call recordings and transcriptions is time-consuming, mind-numbing work.

For robots, it's a breeze.

They work fast. They don't miss details (humans are only human). And what’s more, AI-powered Conversation Intelligence doesn’t analyze one call at a time. It analyzes all your calls, all the time. That’s how it surfaces big picture, actionable insights you can use to improve service, train staff, and save marketing dollars.

With Conversation Intelligence, you get automated recordings and transcriptions of all your calls. But more importantly, you also get Automation Rules. Once you choose the words and phrases you want to target, Automation Rules highlights every time they’re spoken. You can also view them at a glance in a word cloud or bar graph.

Try Conversation Intelligence free, and leave the hard work to the robots. You’ll find that machine learning won’t just save you time — it’ll make you smarter. .

Mission control for conversations

A user-friendly dashboard makes complex call data easy to navigate. Click a highlight, and you’re instantly transported to where they appear in the recording and transcription.

See what customers are saying

With Conversation Intelligence, AI automatically collects and compiles all your call data. Then word clouds and bar graphs make trends and insights easy to see and understand.

“Today, I’m spending less time monitoring calls and more time serving our customers, which is the way it should be.”

~ Vlad Kandybovich, Qshark Moving Company

Conversation Intelligence requires a CallRail Call Tracking account. Once you’re subscribed, you’ll turn on call recording for the tracking phone numbers where you’d like to gather insight. From there, customize the keywords or attribution criteria you’d like to identify and take action on in calls, and CallRail will do the rest of the work for you.

Each call recording we capture is a dual-channel recording. This means we’ve separated the caller’s side of the audio from your agent’s side of the audio and isolated background noise before our system transcribes the call. Read our blog post to learn more about our method to provide you with accurate call transcriptions.

We’ll continue to transcribe your calls so that your reports stay up-to-date. Once you go over your included usage, you’ll be billed at the “Additional Usage” rates on your current plan. If you’d like to discuss custom pricing for high-volume transcriptions, reach out to a member of our sales team.

Unlock the insights hidden in your call data

Try all our marketing tools free, no credit card required.