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If you don't know what makes your phone ring, you might cut campaigns that create valuable customers or spend too much on those that don't.

With Call Tracking, you get reporting that pinpoints the sources of your best leads. You'll know which ads, keywords, and campaigns are worth the money. And you'll finally have authentic analytics that reflect your real ROI and demonstrate your true cost per lead.

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The more you know, the more you’ll grow. So when you’re ready to dive deeper, CallRail makes it easy.

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CallRail Call Tracking was built for businesses like yours, by a small business owner who couldn’t prove his own marketing ROI. That’s why our reports are designed to be straightforward, insightful, and actionable.

Regardless, if you have any trouble setting up or using Call Tracking, our award-winning support team would be happy to help.

CallRail will make you a better marketer (whether you want to be or not).

Without call reporting, you’re making marketing decisions with incomplete analytics.

Without asking customers, do you know which ads, keywords, and campaigns inspired them to call? If not, Call Tracking can help you pinpoint the source of your most valuable leads.

That way, you’ll gain the insights you need to spend more on what’s working and less on what’s not.


OFC you can track text messages just like your calls. You’ll see the marketing campaign, PPC keywords, and lead qualification status of each text conversation. And in each contact’s timeline, you’ll see their text activity alongside their call activity.

BTW, you can also create templated, reusable Quick Texts to save time responding to your most common requests. SRSLY.


CallRail integrates with more than 700 marketing platforms, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, WordPress, Unbounce, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook. Plus webhooks and the CallRail API can be used to push call data wherever you need to see it.

If there’s an integration you’re missing, just ask.

With multi-touch cost-per-lead reporting, you’ll find out which ads, campaigns, and keywords drive high-value leads (and which don’t). These insights help you adjust spending, try new strategies, and know your real marketing ROI.

Yes. You can gauge the performance of your sales, service, and support teams with:

  • Team Performance Reporting: Monitor productivity by checking call volume, missed call rates, call duration, and more
  • Operational Reporting: See call volume by hour, day, or week to make sure you’re staffed when you need to be

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